Finding the Right Accountant or Bookkeeper for Your Business

Basic Bookkeeping

If you are in the position of trying to find a new bookkeeper then you have realized just how difficult the task can be. Not because there is a lack of candidates. Instead, it’s more that you haven’t yet found somebody who you feel comfortable giving your company’s banking details and passwords to while they work largely unsupervised.

If this sounds familiar, below are some tips which can help you find a reliable and trustworthy bookkeeper.

What Do They Know About Your Business?

It’s the first question which any interviewer asks, but in this instance, you aren’t asking if they now your share price of how many employees you have, you are asking what they know about accounting for your type of business.

For example, if you currently utilize the Groupon Coupons page for 24 Hour Fitness to provide gym memberships to your staff as part of their employment packages, be sure that your bookkeeper is aware of any concessions or tax credits you may be eligible for, along with any portion of these expenses you can claim against your business tax.

While you can’t expect them to provide in-depth answers to fix your problems before you hire them, it’s important to know whether they will be able to contribute more to your business then simply managing your finances and keeping your records in order.

Speaking of Keeping Things in Order

The majority of candidates will likely know how to use the main accounting software types, but if your company uses an in-house solution or a product which isn’t as popular, then be sure that your bookkeeper can not only use the software but make the most of its features.

Similar to the tip above, a bookkeeper is well positioned to identify any bottlenecks and ways to alleviate them through potential accounting automation or process tweaks. During your interview process, be sure to ask for any examples where they have been able to do the very same in a previous role.

Do They Have Good References?

Just because you get a good feeling in your stomach about somebody doesn’t mean that they will be a reliable employee. It simply means that they have managed to charm you during the interview. For each and every candidate which you are seriously considering be sure to call all of the references provided to ensure the information given to you is correct and there are no discrepancies or concerns with their previous experience.

If you are unsure about any of the candidates, in particular, the reference check is the best time to ask any questions which can resolve any of your concerns.

When it comes to finding the right bookkeeper for your business, the chances are that you will never truly feel comfortable with somebody until they have been working in the role and have proven their worth. With this in mind, be sure to relax your criteria slightly to allow for a more realistic hiring process. Once which actually results in you hiring a bookkeeper.

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